The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

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This week, I celebrate my 31st trip around the sun! I am enjoying my 30s, feeling secure in my own skin. My mom always told me my 30s will be the best because “you finally know who you are.” As it turns out, mom is right. I notice I’m dressing like my teenage years again rather than the trend-chasing I did in my 20s. In my teens, I was decorated in bell bottoms, crocheted dresses and sea shell embellishments. Now that I’m in my 31, I keep saying “Man! I wish I kept my high school clothes!”

Often strangers call me out, “You have to be an Aquarius!”  I previously thought they were creepy psychics, but now after researching my sign I realize that I am your typical Aquarian. The way I think, act, speak and especially dress ties me to the 11th sign of the zodiac. Aquarians are often quintessentially bohemian: artistic, offbeat and free spirited.

I am not one of those people that checks their horoscope daily. However, the more I read about Aquarian traits the more I’m convinced the cosmos did mold me. Aquarians get a bad rep because they are often perceived as blunt, strong willed, and just plain weird. It’s true, but all comes from a good place. Here are some Aquarianisms that I certainly project into the universe both in my attitude and style.

Dress X RVCA Womens; Necklaces X Keshia Del Mar; Bracelets X Alex+Ani and street market finds



In Greek Mythology, Aquarius is identified with Ganymede, the water bearer for the gods. The constellation is in the celestial sea adjacent to Pisces (fish), Cetus (whale) and Delphinus (dolphin). It is no surprise that I am obsessed with the water. I am a self-proclaimed aquaholic and am always seeking time with the big blue surfing, paddling and snorkeling. This reflects in my style as I love to incorporate water elements and gravitate to electric blues. Cobalt, aqua, teal and turquoise; I’m often a monochromatic mess of hues of blue.

LEFT: Tank X RVCA Womens, Bells X Ripcurl (From Bunulu); Necklaces X Keshia Del Mar + Earthbound Trading; Bracelets X Alex+Ani   RIGHT:  Tank X Spiritual Gangster, Bells X O’Neill Womens (From Bunulu), Bralette X Lulu Lemon, Bracelets X Keshia Del Mar + Bali Imports



I try to avoid things that the kids are calling basic these days and purchase goods from offbeat brands and local artists. I adore wearing prints that are bold and unpredictable. A quarter of my wardrobe is tie dye and I never shy away from a paisley bell bottom or a tribal yoga pant. I like fashion to say “Hey I’m here and kind of weird.”


LEFT: Top X Lunik, Skirt X Free People (From Bunulu); Necklaces X Silver Eagle + Alex+Ani; Bracelets X Kinsley Armelle + Silver Eagle   RIGHT: Bracelets X Wynwood Artist CoOp + Kinsley Armelle + Moonlight Radiance; Socks from Japan from my bestie



Due to the candid nature of Aquarians, we appreciate “keeping it real.” I personally hate facades and always disliked dressing up for Halloween, country music concerts, and themed parties. I often show up out of costume like “This is who I am. Deal with it.” I really appreciate the character and flaws of real people and raw elements.  This reflects in my style because when it comes to jewelry, I adore crystals, druzy and shells over polished, refined gemstones.

Top X Spiritual Gangster (From Bunulu); Jewelry X Keshia Del Mar



I, like many other water bearers, am often idealistic about the well-being of the human race. Perhaps that is why I was a teacher and marine biologist at the start of my career. It is why I am always promoting a global mindset. I try to consume consciously, which is why I love shopping with brands where I believe in their mission. I love brands like Spiritual Gangster because donate a meal to Feeding America for every item they sell. I feel like a G when I’m doing good.

If you are a horoscope hater, I encourage you to dig into the zodiac a little bit. Hopefully like me, you will be surprised in what you find. It never will hurt getting to know yourself a little better, you may find more to love.

Shine on, my friends. And as always, live global and stay local.

Much Credit Due to Bunulu at the Gardens Mall for the threads, if you go tell them The Local sent you.

Thanks for the gems by Keshia Del Mar Jewelry, shop with code “GlobalLocal10” for 10% off.



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    Loved this post! Also happy belated birthday!

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