New Year, Same Goal

I truly enjoy the excitement of a New Year but hate when people beat themselves up over resolutions. They create their own misery: swear off dessert, bust ass at the gym, and pinch pennies. I really wish people would use the New Year to pat themselves on the back for … <a href="http://www.thegloballocal.world/new-year-same-goal/">Continued</a>

A Holiday in Paradise

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and while many people dream of a White Christmas, I prefer to deck the palms. The Holidays can be awkward for Floridians, most tree trimmings are dusted in fake snow, 90 degrees is far too warm to drink hot Cocoa and every … <a href="http://www.thegloballocal.world/a-holiday-in-paradise/">Continued</a>

Magic in the Mountains

In late October, I took a last-minute trip to the mountains with my sister. I packed all 3 sweaters I own, and made my way up to North Carolina with her and my two nephews. I had the realization in the Appalachians that I am city snob. This was brought … <a href="http://www.thegloballocal.world/magic-in-the-mountains/">Continued</a>

This is Colombia!

    In August, I went to Colombia. It took me a long time to recover from this trip, which is why I have been reluctant to share it in a post. I dreamt of the perfect South American vacation 8 months prior. I have many friends that visited and a … <a href="http://www.thegloballocal.world/this-is-colombia/">Continued</a>

The Science of Seadation

Life is often a wave: you can be riding the crest one day, then caught in the undertow the next. Several days into a bad week, my frustration hit its peak where not even a facetious serenade of the “Bad Day” song could pacify me. I decided that instead of … <a href="http://www.thegloballocal.world/the-science-of-seadation/">Continued</a>