Essentials for Adult Spring Breakers

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You need a break! Spring Break once was a holiday reserved for college students but I truly never craved a break when I was an undergrad. However, as an adult I think it is important to take a breather and enjoy the beautiful weather Florida has to offer every March. … Continued

Creatively Content

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I got laid off in November from my job in pharmaceuticals, one of the blessings in disguise it provided was forcing me into creative mode. When I was a slanging scripts, I picked up a paintbrush zero times. I actually started ramping up my Instagram during my time in pharma, … Continued

Spring Training in Full Swing

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Spring in South Florida is an absolutely glorious time. This week the sun has been shining daily, with the average temp being 78 degrees and perfectly sunny. With the weather batting at a thousand, it is a great time to get out and enjoy the epitome of American culture: baseball. … Continued

Fun with Frescobol

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Being a lifelong beach bum, I am always fascinated by beach culture. I think it’s amazing how different regions enjoy where the sand meets the sea. Hawaii, California and our own Sunshine State all have been identified as areas of distinction with regard to beach culture. I’ve noticed the onset … Continued

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