Bee Conscious with Nectar

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I scored a pair of Nectar sunglasses, and aside from Nectar being a great brand with the mission to repopulate bees, it replaced a very shady product that I had been using. I hate to be a buzz kill, but I’m about to convince you to retire your Ray Bans … Continued

COOLA, Calm + Protected

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Many know how passionate I am about reef conservation. Our coral reef ecosystems are the backbone of Florida’s largest industry: tourism, not citrus like you maybe thought. I have worked as an independent ocean researcher in Florida and Australia, and when I was a teacher I even grew coral fragments … Continued

Flo Ho Ho Gift Guide x Bunulu

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  The holiday season has begun and I’m knee deep in festive fun! I’ve already had a year’s worth of calories of Peppermint Mocha’s and watched a minimum of 10 Christmas movies. In my pursuit of elf-hood, I’ve already completed my Christmas shopping to bring you a gift guide!   … Continued

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