A Cup for Humanity

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Your vibe attracts your tribe. In my case, my vibe lead me to a café that had me at Aloha: Rio Coco Café in Vero Beach My story starts on a Tuesday afternoon in Vero Beach. I pulled off to a Starbucks Drive-Thru for an afternoon pick-me-up between sales calls. … Continued

Punjab Pizza and AM Curry

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Lake Worth has a strong Mexican influence. It’s evident with the taco trucks on every other corner, the gentlemen selling fresh sunflowers at major intersections, and the absence of Publix replaced by storefronts like “El Bodegon” and “El Presidente Supermercado.” Mexican food initially brought me to Lake Worth, what keeps … Continued

Brazil in the Heart of Broward

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The word Brazilian is a sexy word, usually preceding other sexy words like “bikini,” “model” and “wax.” I believe I’m safe to assume that you don’t think food when you hear the word Brazilian, as you would with other nationalities, like Mexican and Italian. Brazilian food in the US is usually … Continued