Season’s Readings

I enjoy exploring foreign cultures locally, a visit to a Thai temple or a Brazilian backyard barbecue. For a change, I explored my local culture: The Palm Beach Scene. The Holiday Season may be long gone, but The Season is in full swing. If you do not live in South … <a href="">Continued</a>

COOLA, Calm + Protected

Many know how passionate I am about reef conservation. Our coral reef ecosystems are the backbone of Florida’s largest industry: tourism, not citrus like you maybe thought. I have worked as an independent ocean researcher in Florida and Australia, and when I was a teacher I even grew coral fragments … <a href="">Continued</a>

The Age of Aquarius

This week, I celebrate my 31st trip around the sun! I am enjoying my 30s, feeling secure in my own skin. My mom always told me my 30s will be the best because “you finally know who you are.” As it turns out, mom is right. I notice I’m dressing … <a href="">Continued</a>

Jupiter Jungle Paddling

I have been a paddler for 11 years. I always wanted to surf, but growing up on the gulf coast of Florida we were rarely blessed with waves. When SUP boards hit Florida around 2007, I went to the one surf shop that had them and just threw $1200 my … <a href="">Continued</a>

New Year, Same Goal

I truly enjoy the excitement of a New Year but hate when people beat themselves up over resolutions. They create their own misery: swear off dessert, bust ass at the gym, and pinch pennies. I really wish people would use the New Year to pat themselves on the back for … <a href="">Continued</a>



My name is Mandy Mizell. A proud Floridian, animal lover, avid paddler, and science nerd. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and moved to West Palm Beach in 2015. In my professional life my resume is diverse ranging from Veterinary Medicine, Marine and Environmental Sciences...




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